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Year 5

Year 5



Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term!  The next few weeks are packed with lots of fun activities.   I am very impressed with the progress all pupils have made and this is reflected in the learning demonstrated. To begin this half term we will have or Science week, which will be packed full of exciting investigations.  Year 5 will have to think logically and use Scientific vocabulary to explain their findings. Following on from this, we will continue our topic of Space and learn about what is beyond the clouds.  Again, this half term we will be looking out for children who have achieved in out of school activities.  It might be in Boxing, Dancing or if you play an instrument.  If you receive an award or certificate please bring it in and let us celebrate with you! There are many other things to look forward to this term including a trip to Herringthorpe stadium to participate in the Festival of Sport as well a trip to the New York stadium to see the exciting Bloodhound Car. 

Who's Who?

Dates for the Diary

Event Description Date
Childline Workshop The children will participate in a workshop. 09/06/2015
Mega Active Children will be attending the Festival of Sport at Herringthorpe Stadium. 12/06/2015
Father's Day Service Children will be walking up to the Church to celebrate Father's Day. 16/06/2015
Bloodhound Trip Y5 and Y5 will be going to the New York Stadium to participate in activities linked to the Bloodhound Car. 18/06/2015
Learning Showcase Parents are invited to come and look at the children's learning linked with Science. 22/06/2015
Sports Day Children will be participating in a range of activities. 22/06/2015
Open Evening Parents are invited to come and look at their child's work. 01/07/2015
Carnival Harthill Carnival 11/07/2015

Home Learning

In Key Stage Two the new style of home learning will continue. We would like to offer children the opportunity to choose from the grid below to personalise their own learning every week. You will notice there are ideas for Reading, Writing and Maths -we expect your child to complete 1 each week. This is in addition to regular home reading, at least three times a week, the weekly spelling challenge (to be given out on a Monday) and Times tables practice.  We have high expectations of our home learning and expect it to be handed in on time (Wednesday to a high standard).

Write an autobiography of your life.  Make sure you pick out 2 or 3 key moments (1 for each paragraph).  Please include the features of recount e.g. time connectives, past tense, chronological order.
Design a set of playing cards using Roman Numerals and then design a game with them. 
Free write in any genre about any topic. Please make sure you write in paragraphs and spend at least 30 minutes on it.
Draw a detailed picture of your favourite part of a book.  Label it carefully so we know the setting and characters.  Write what is happening in the picture and say why you chose this bit of the book.  This should be at least a paragraph.
Choose 8 different shapes (you can do more if you wish) and identify the different lines of symmetry.  Watch out there may be more than 1.
Challenge – what is an oblique line of symmetry?
Complete 6 reading activities in your reading scrap book.  Make sure they are detailed and you have spent at least 30 minutes doing them.
Design a space suit for an astronaut.  Explain using scientific language the materials you would use and why.  Also you will need to identify the different parts of the suit and how it will be used when traveling in space.
Choose an amphibian, an insect or a bird and research its life cycle.  Then present your findings in a creative way e.g. a poster or leaflet.
Create a detailed timetable of your day.  It can either be a school day or at the weekend.  Write the times in analogue (draw a clock face) and digital.  Challenge yourself by identifying how long in minutes you spend on each activity of the day.


Quick Notes

  • Reading scrapbooks to be handed in on Monday.
  • Homework handed in on a Wednesday.
  • Spelling challenges to be handed in on a Friday.
  • Full PE kits are needed on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Ways to Help Your Child:

  • By talking about the topics and finding out any information from books, computers, internet, libraries etc. Please encourage the children to bring any useful information into school. If you have any particular personal information, which may be of interest and you would like to share this in school, please contact your child’s class teacher.
  • By discussing any homework with your child and helping/encouraging them to complete any Homework tasks. Homework is given out on Fridays.
  • By helping them to learn thoroughly any times tables and challenging them to add and subtract two and three digit numbers mentally.
  • By chatting with them about work covered in the Literacy lesson and helping/encouraging them to read through their writing and edit to improve it.
  • By helping them to learn thoroughly any spellings they may bring home. Spellings are given out on Mondays and tested the following Friday.
  • By encouraging them to read for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day and completing an activity in their reading scrapbook.
  • Ensuring that they come to school to work hard and succeed.