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Year 6

Here, on the Y6 class page, you will find all of the useful information that you need to know about Y6 as well as being able to view some of the learning that will take place during the year.

Meet our team...


  • Reading – In Year 6, the expectation is that all children read at least five times a week, record this in their Learning Log and bring their Learning Log into class every day.
  • Home Learning tasks - Two pieces of homework are set each week for Y6. These will be in an individual homework book that was given out w/b: 14th September. Year 6 children have the opportunity to personalise their homework book by backing them.
  • Spellings – Practised in short bursts as regularly as possible throughout the week in addition to the statutory spellings and zero tolerance words. These are practised in the homework book.
  • Our Class Charter -

We recognise that everyone has the following rights…

  • To be treated fairly.
  • To learn.
  • To enjoy coming to school.
  • To be included.
  • To be respected.

…so we promise to meet our personalised rules:

  1. Be respectful to all people as well as property (treat people how you would be expected to be treated yourself and respect that individuals may have different thoughts/opinions to your own).
  2. Have a growth mind-set and persevere - ‘can’t do it…yet’.
  3. Try your best all of the time: be an ‘all-rounder’.
  4. Listen, focus and pay attention to the one speaker who is talking (SLANT).
  5. Try to manage distractions and avoid distracting others.
  6. Be kind (facial expressions, words, body language and actions all count).

This half term's class focus texts are Owen and the Soldier by Lisa Thompson and Abomination by Robert Swindells. Owen and the Soldier is a gentle reminder of remembrance and standing up for what you strongly believe in. Told through the eyes of Martha and Scott, Abomination is a thrilling novel and won the Sheffield Children's Book Award.

As well as reading other books written by Robert Swindells and Lisa Thompson, why don't you challenge yourself this term to read all of our 'additional must reads'? Recommend your favourite to peers, share your thoughts with me or other members of staff in school and read other books by the same authors.

Don't forget that you still have the opportunity to read last half term's additional must reads!

Our class tree

Did you know that the Hawthorn has a wide variety of medicinal uses? The leaves, berries, and flowers can all be used in the production of medicine. One of the main uses of Hawthorn is to treat high blood pressure. It was found to widen blood vessels in the body which, in turn, helps to increase blood flow.