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We believe that, good behaviour stems from positive relationships and mutual respect between adults and children. We have high expectations for behaviour and believe that positive learning environments and enjoyable school experiences stem from this as well as ultimately enabling children to contribute efficiently to society as responsible citizens.

In order to achieve our aspirations and to enable effective teaching and learning to take place every school has effective strategies to establish good relationships and each staff member has a responsibility to ensure these strategies are upheld and fostered. Rather than focussing on unwanted behaviours, the value is put on positive behaviours, which enable and maximise learning. This approach helps pupils understand the behavioural skills they need, what the adult wants them to do, and why this will help them to learn. We do not presume that children will instinctively know how to behave well and as such behaviour is taught through a well thought out structure linked to each schools’ behaviour expectations. Where children struggle to understand and acquire the appropriate behavioural skills, schools will offer high challenge alongside high support. Through the effective teaching of good behaviour children will be guided to develop a moral compass alongside social awareness where they appreciate different view-points, values and choices. This in turn will empower children to recognise and make the right choices throughout their lives with empathy and respect for diversity.

Below you can access our Relationship and Behaviour Policy to find out more about how we support children at our school, as well as our Child on Child Abuse policy and the DFE guidance on Suspensions and Exclusions. 

Relationship and Behaviour Policy 

Suspensions and Exclusions - DFE guidance 

Child on Child Abuse 

Anti-Bullying Policy 

Week 5


Information for Parents 

Following the parent questionnaire we conducted in October 2023, there were a number queries raised about the school's behaviour policy and how it is implemented. In response to the points raised, we delivered a presentation in January 2024 for those parents who attended. Below is a link to this presentation, which includes input from one of our governors - we hope you find this helpful!

Behaviour Policy Presentation 

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