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Our curriculum enables children to:

  • Understand concepts, themes and genres

  • Acquire and apply knowledge and skill

  • Develop vocabulary

So that they:

  • develop a strong sense of belonging with a good understanding of the wider world.

  • be inspired to raise their ambition.

  • grow resilience as determined and independent individuals.

  • show kindness, respect and tolerance.

Intent:Through our PE curriculum children will access, acquire, attempt and apply disciplinary (skill-based) knowledge whilst building on their vocabulary. They will master basic movements, learn the rules to specific sports and associated vocabulary as well as mastering the skills to work together as a team. In KS2, children learn through Sports Education, where they develop the skills of leadership, coaching, refereeing and managing resources needed to succeed as a team.


Through our PE curriculum children will:

-be taught new knowledge through the implementation of the PE progression maps

-explore key concepts through the new knowledge

-make links and group disciplinary knowledge to develop schemas with reference to physical activity and sport

-build vocabulary as a result of direct teaching

- regularly retrieve learning to develop ability

-practice the skills (disciplinary knowledge) of being a sportsperson


The impact of our PE curriculum is demonstrated in the following ways:

-what children say (pupil questioning, explanations, discussion contributions, verbal retrieval)

-what children do (skill demonstration, applying rules of a sport and teamwork)


Curriculum Design: PE Profile 

PE Games Progression 

PE Athletics Progression 

PE Gymnastics Progression 

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