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School Priorities 

Quality of Education 


​Develop strategies for composition through modelling, drafting and editing. 
Embed teaching strategies for application of spelling. 
Develop a writing for pleasure ethos in school.



Curriculum design incorporates development of fluency and fact recall. ​

Embed a "scaffold up" approach for those children requiring additional support. 


Introduce tiered system to meet requirements of mixed year groups. 

Develop formative assessment strategies for retrieval and application of knowledge and vocabulary.

Leaders are supported to ensure the rigorous development and maintaining of standards linked to their leadership area. 

Coaching is used to support practitioners to reflect on and develop their practice. 

Behaviour and Attitudes

 Conflict resolution and restorative practice strategies are developed further to support pupils' positive behaviour choices. 

The school practice around supporting positive behaviour is communicated and understood widely across the community.

Personal Development 

 Children's University is a key part of pupil's recognising their achievements beyond the school curriculum. 

Pupils have a good understanding of British Values, how they link to the school vision and what they mean to their daily lives. 

Leadership and Management 

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