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Our curriculum enables children to:

  • Understand concepts, themes and genres

  • Acquire and apply knowledge and skill

  • Develop vocabulary

So that they:

  • develop a strong sense of belonging with a good understanding of the wider world.

  • be inspired to raise their ambition.

  • grow resilience as determined and independent individuals.

  • show kindness, respect and tolerance.

Intent: Through our art curriculum children will access, acquire, attempt and apply disciplinary (skill-based) and substantive (factual) knowledge to develop their artistic abilities. They will be taught specific skills to apply their drawing, painting and sculpting creatively, learning about a variety of styles and media. They will learn about local and national artists and their work, past and present. They will also have opportunities to use art to access and apply learning through a variety of subjects and topics, such as those in history, geography and science.  


Through our art curriculum children will:

-be taught new skills and learn new information about art and artistic media

-learn about a variety of techniques, materials, and artistic movements

-develop their creativity, as well as the ability to thinking critically about art in all of its forms

-broaden awareness of historical and social significance of the practice, creation, and study of art


The impact of our art curriculum is demonstrated in the following ways:

-what children say (pupil questioning, explanations, discussion contributions, verbal retrieval)

-what children do (large and small projects,  drafts in sketch books, cross curricular applications of art and finished pieces)

Curriculum Design:

Art & Design Profile 

Art + Design

KS1 Progression Map

Art & Design KS2


Progression map

Art & Design  KS2


Progression map

Art & Design  KS2


Progression map

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