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Our curriculum enables children to:

  • Understand concepts, themes and genres

  • Acquire and apply knowledge and skill

  • Develop vocabulary

So that they:

  • develop a strong sense of belonging with a good understanding of the wider world.

  • be inspired to raise their ambition.

  • grow resilience as determined and independent individuals.

  • show kindness, respect and tolerance.

Intent:Through our music curriculum children will access, acquire, attempt and apply disciplinary (skill-based) and substantive (factual) knowledge to develop their musical abilities, following the Charanga curriculum. Charanga presents learning in a way that makes it fun and engaging for everyone, separating the key links into listening & responding, understanding & communicating and developing performance & skill. There is a song at the heart of every step of learning to engage and inspire pupils and provide a vehicle for their development of subject specific skills.


Through our music curriculum children will:

-be taught new skills and learn new information about music and the different components that make up musical understanding and performance.

-learn about a variety of musical styles, instruments, songs and performances.

-develop their creativity, as well as the ability to thinking critically about music in all of its forms

-broaden awareness of historical and social significance of the practice, creation, and study of music


The impact of our music curriculum is demonstrated in the following ways:

-what children say (pupil questioning, explanations, discussion contributions, verbal retrieval)

-what children do (performances, rehearsals and recordings).

Curriculum Design: Music Profile 


KS1 Progression Map



Progression map

Charanga Scheme Overview 

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