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Personal Development

At Harthill Primary School, we are very proud of our Personal Development offer, which develops the Cultural Capital, leadership,  Mental Health and Well-Being and interests and passions of all our pupils! 

Embedded throughout our curriculum, after school clubs, pupil leadership opportunities, community involvement, PSHE and RSE lessons and Children's University, our Personal Development opportunities are something we are incredibly proud of! 

On our website you will find more information about: 

  • Pupil leadership including school council, eco-warriors, playground leaders and pupil led assemblies. 

  • Local community involvement including local and national fundraising, church visits, Harthill Carnival, litter picking, well-dressing, choir performances, village garden show and many more!

  • Mental Health and Well-Being including tips for how to support pupils at home and our upcoming My Happy Mind involvement.

  • Children's University: what it's all about and how we celebrate our pupil's extra-curricular activities out of school.

  • After School Clubs and the wide range we offer at our school. 

  • Healthy Relationships at our school.

  • Assemblies including how we share and celebrate our common understanding of school and British Values, pupil led assemblies linked to personal experience and difference, What's In the News, Inspiration assemblies linked to the arts, science and key days in the calendar and Celebration Assemblies, including Star of the Week, Pupil of the Term, Children's University Awards and Spotlight Assemblies. 

Our Strategic Personal Development Overview includes more information about Personal Development at our school for anyone who wants to know more! 


Strategic PD Overview 


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