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Class trip to Magna

Written by Darcie Baron

When we arrived at school, Mrs Bothma, who wasn’t meant to come on the school trip, was in school as Mrs Crapper wasn’t very well. We all ran in with excitement, we did the register and then quickly go to the toilet. After the toilet, Mrs Bothma told us to choose a sensible partner so me and my friend Emii went with each other.


Then, we got on the coach (which had colourful seats),and we set off. When we got on the motorway we pretend to race a truck. We were on the coach for about half an hour then the coach stopped and I looked out of the window and we were there. I was so excited!


When we got of the coach a nice lady got us of the coach and lead us in and told us to put our bags into a large, metal cage until lunch we were in cage seven. In the hall that we were in was a rainbow wall. I was fascinated! The lady said that we were early so we could look around until the workshop so we headed down to 'fire' which was very good. Joe and Noah pressed a button and it made a fire tornado. It was so cool! Then we still had a bit of time so Mrs Bothma said we could look around so me and Emii went to this thing that made air. After about twenty minutes we headed off to the workshop.


 I couldn’t wait! When we got there Matilda and Tom told us what we were going to do. Tom told us to stand in front of either solid, liquid, gas, liquid and gas or solid and liquid and he held up and brick and some water and we had to choose what is was. Then we made some paint using egg yolk, paprika and one more thing but I can’t remember. Itwas really fun but quite messy. Then the last thing was a big bottle of lemonade and Mrs Bothma chose Ruby to do the experiment. I thought an explosion would happen and I was right a massive explosion happed. It was crazy!

We had a fantastic day out at Magna!

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